WASGC Announcements Page

Welcome to the 2018-19 Season at Wadi al Saeed Golf Club

Join us Friday Night at 6 PM at the Desert Breeze Golf Club for the Season Opening Dinner and Membership Drive. We will have a brief business meeting to discuss the clubs activities including weekly tournaments, social functions, and the addition of Saturday golf activities for those just starting out and those interested in 9 hole competitions. We are introducing monthly social activities to combine fun golf related games and social activities for all in a less formal setting. We also have several ideas the board wants to present to the membership for your input to have a successful year.

If you are an existing member be sure and visit the website and sign up for the Season Opening Scramble Tournament Saturday morning (Sept 8) at 6 am.


Upcoming events:

Friday, September 14 Two Man Best Ball Tournament

See you there!

Local Rules

Revised Local Rules for scoring are now posted for 2018-2019 season. Local rules for play including USGA changes to address pace of play will be posted shortly.

Proper Shoes on the Course

Please remember to wear only flat sole shoes when playing. Running shoes or athletic shoes with very deep, aggressive treads ruin our browns and make them difficult to keep smooth. When we all wear the correct type of shoes, we all end up making more putts!

Casual Round Score Cards

Please remember to turn in those casual round 9 hole or 18 hole score cards.

If you complete 9 holes but do not have time for another 9, turn your card into the box and the handicap chairman will hang on to it until another 9 hole score from you is received and then combine the two for an 18 hole score. That 18 hole score will then be entered into the handicap system.

So get out there to play and get those score cards turned in!

How do we decide who plays with whom each tournament?

Some events ill be decided strictly by handicap rankings. Scrambles will vary, some will be selected to have players of various skill levels on teams, some weeks players will be allowed to form their own team. This will provide variety throughout the season allowing you to play with existing friends as well as meet new members.